Fishing in Green Lake

The biggest fish you’ve ever seen…

Big Green Lake is a unique and outstanding lake.  Its waters are deep and clear.  It has a variety of structures and also a variety of fish. Big Green Lake is listed as a ‘quality fishing opportunities’ lake. This means Big Green Lake is managed for quality fishing. Given water productivity, fish growth potential and higher minimum length regulations, fish inhabiting these waters attain greater sizes. Anglers fishing these waters will have a better chance of catching a ‘quality’ fish.

Open water fishing favorites include: small and large mouth bass, bluegill, perch, white bass, northern, walleye, lake trout, brown trout and muskellunge.  Need a guide?  Click here for your guide to the best Wisconsin fishing on Green Lake.  Need to launch your boat?  Click here for more information about lake access points.  Click the image for a fish crib map of Green Lake.


Green Lake Fish Crib Map

  • 237 ft. deep
  • 100 ft. average depth
  • 27.3 miles of shoreline
  • 796 ft. elevation
  • 7.3 miles long
  • 2 miles wide
  • 11.5 sq. miles
  • 7,325 acres surface area
  • 95% spring fed
  • Empties into Fox River through Puchyan River
  • Principal inlet is Silver Creek
  • Indian name is Day Cho Lah
  • Trophy size fish are: Trout, Northern, Walleye, Bass, and Perch


Mike Norton Fishing_miniSmallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Northern, White Bass, Walleye, Lake Trout and Muskellunge.


Photo credit: Tom Eddy

Photo credit: Tom Eddy

Perch, Bluegill, Walleye, Northern, Lake Trout and Cisco.  Open seasons, length limits and bag limits on Big Green Lake are regulated by the DNR general fishing regulations for inland waters. Motor trolling is permitted.


Lake Trout

Season opens the 1st Saturday in January and runs trhough the end of September. Lake trout must be 17 inches long. Daily bag limit is 2 per person. All other trout have size limit of 14 inches and daily bag limit of 3 per person. (Inland Trout Stamp required for Big Green Lake).


Season starts the 1st Saturday in May and runs until November 30. Minimum length is 40 inches and daily limit is 1 per person.

Large Mouth, Small Mouth, Northern Pike, Brown Trout, Walleye

Season starts the 1st Saturday in May and runs until March 2.

Panfish, Cisco, White Bass, Catfish

Season is open year-round.

Be sure to check bag size limits.  Motor Trolling is permitted on Big Green Lake. An inland Trout stamp is required for Green Lake when fishing for Trout.  Requirements are subject to change at anytime.  Please check with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources before planning your fishing excursion.

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