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Ice Fishing, by Kara Kinas, of Kopplin and Kinas

The temperature is dropping outside and I'm sitting atop the very spot I boated across this summer, but inside the shanty it's cozy and exciting! The heater is going and the glow of the lake beneath my feet lets...

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Ice Boating, by Julie Jankowski, avid member of the Green Lake Ice Yacht Club

“Tip of the Helmet,” as we iceboaters say, to the GLACC for inviting me to promote something I’m passionate about! The Green Lake Ice Yacht Club, founded in 1908, has been a favorite winter pastime. As a summer resident, I didn’t learn...

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Town Square – by Fran Hill, CEO of Town Square

For the last three years, our beautiful, historic courthouse has taken on a new life as a fabulous community center called Town Square, entirely created and supported by the people of the Green Lake County...

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Thrasher Opera House – by Roby Irvin, the Executive Director of the Thrasher Opera House

Built in 1910, the Thrasher Opera House served as a community center and venue for the performing arts for three decades, until its conversion into a warehouse during World War II. After the war, the building fell silent and slowly descended into...

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Green Lake Harvest Fest, by Dusty Walker, Former Executive Director of the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year in Green Lake, and the Green Lake Harvest Festival is a big reason why. Harvest Fest has been in Green Lake three decades now, and brings thousands upon thousands of guests into...

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Hiking – by Thomas Eddy, Adjunct Biology Professor, Botanist, and Author who advocates for Wisconsin natural areas

Walk. Saunter. Stroll. Ramble. Wander. Mosey. Amble. Meander. Hike. Visitors can do all these and more while enjoying the picturesque trails and boardwalks established in and around the Green Lake area. Many of my favorite area trails are compiled in a recent publication by the...

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chalk walk, by bette sliwa, co-founder of chalk walk

In 2005, my friend Teeter Allen and I were thinking about fun, new ways to bring families to the GreenLake area. Teeter is a retired school teacher, and I owned a shop in town. We both share a love for children, the arts and...

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Golf – by Todd Weir, President of the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and Owner of Pinnacle Plumbing, LLC

I am very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of Wisconsin. Green Lake has in its immediate surroundings four stunning courses that provide 99 holes of wonderful golf. The city of Green Lake is home to the oldest golf...

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Paddleboarding, by Thom Lemmenes, Owner of Pierless Boat Rentals

Looking for a healthy, inexpensive way to get a new perspective on Green Lake? I wholeheartedly endorse stand-up paddleboarding. It’s a great full-body workout, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to take in the beautiful...

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Sail Away By Gretchen Z. Feeney

When I think of summer in Green Lake, I think sailing. For many, summer is a time to get away, but I like nothing better than to spend my summer here in Green Lake and on the water. For generations, sailing on...

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Biking – by Todd Sharp, avid cyclist and, his weekly “Prune” column in the Green Laker offers readers a cheerfully skewed perspective on the aging process

I've pedaled through the Colorado Rockies, the New York Finger Lakes, the Natchez Trace, the peanut country of Virginia and many roads between. The familiar route around Green Lake is one of the finest I’ve ever taken. Out...

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