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2016 Volunteer Interest Form

Are you interested in volunteering for the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce,'ve found the right place!

Ice Boating, by Julie Jankowski, avid member of the Green Lake Ice Yacht Club

“Tip of the Helmet,” as we iceboaters say, to the GLACC for inviting me to promote something I’m passionate about! The Green Lake Ice Yacht Club, founded in 1908, has been a favorite winter pastime. As a summer resident, I didn’t learn about iceboating until winter ’76-77, when...

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Ice Fishing, by Kara Kinas, of Kopplin and Kinas

The temperature is dropping outside and I'm sitting atop the very spot I boated across this summer, but inside the shanty it's cozy and exciting! The heater is going and the glow of the lake beneath my feet lets...

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chalk walk, by bette sliwa, co-founder of chalk walk

In 2005, my friend Teeter Allen and I were thinking about fun, new ways to bring families to the GreenLake area. Teeter is a retired school teacher, and I owned a shop in town. We both share a love for children, the arts and...

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concerts in the park, by kate miller, coordinator of the 2014 concerts in the park series

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, "Music is the universal language of mankind." As a violinist myself,I have long believed that music is an incredible force that has the power to unite humanity, no matterhow different we might be as individuals. I have had the privilege of overseeing the Concerts in...

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Green Lake Harvest Fest, by Dusty Walker, Former Executive Director of the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year in Green Lake, and the Green Lake Harvest Festival is a big reason why. Harvest Fest has been in Green Lake three decades now, and...

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Green Lake Festival of Music, by Laura Deming, interim director of the Green Lake Festival of Music

Every spring, a dear friend calls to invite us to one of the many summer concerts of the Green Lake Festival of Music. She always treats us to dinner in Green Lake...

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Green Lake Area “13dot1” Half Marathon and 5K Fun Run, by Wendy Schultz, a board member of the 13DOT1 Half Marathon

Talk about eye-catching scenery!This excitingLabor Day Sundayevent is sure to please both beginner and seasoned runners. Both races start downtown near the Chamber Office and end at Deacon Mills Park, and include...

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Boat Jam, by Ryan Meiborg, General Manager at the Shoreline Boat Center

It’s the party of the summer: Boat Jam on Norwegian Bay! Every year, Shoreline Boat Center puts a bandon a barge, puts the barge on the bay, and celebrates the lake lifestyle. Bring...

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Brew Fest, by Scott Krause, General Manager of the Heidel House Heidel

House Brew Fest is special because, in one place, over 30 Wisconsin microbreweries come together and put their most beloved flavors forward for guests to taste and choose the best. Whether you’re...

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Oktoberfest, by Carrie Ivacko, Marketing Manager for the Heidel House Resort and Spa

Oktoberfest at Heidel House holds a special place in my heart. My initial experience, in 2011, marked my first week working at the resort. I didn’t know many people and was still...

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Memorial Day, by Mark Kramer, Commander for the American Legion Post 306 and the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Volunteer of the Year

Shortly after I returned from Vietnam, I marched with the Color Guard leading the Memorial Day parade in Green Lake for the first time. As we turned the corner onto Mill Street, I was moved to see...

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