Weekend Getaways

Life… Slowed Down…

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Unwind. Pull up a blanket by the lake. Rejuvenate. Swing a golf club in the soft summer breeze. Reconnect. Spend quality time with yourself, your family or friends. This is the place to get back to basics.

Close to home, yet a world away from daily life, Green Lake is the ideal spot to relax for the weekend. Forget about traffic, crowds and any hassles. It’s time to truly get away.

Tranquil, natural surroundings make the perfect backdrop for the activities, accommodations, events or plain peace and quiet that a Green Lake weekend getaway affords. Set your own pace in a place where nature leads the way. Relax, rejuvenate, then rewind. Come to Green Lake whenever you need to replenish.

110629_C1_645 (2) edit_miniAs you pack up for your visit to Green Lake, take a look at our weekend checklist. We’ve put together all of the items you’ll need — for either warm or cold weather — to make your stay in Wisconsin’s undiscovered jewel even more enjoyable.

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