Missoula Children’s Theatre presents Gulliver’s Travels

Missoula Children’s Theatre presents Gulliver’s Travels

June 24, 2017 all-day
Thrasher Opera House
506 Mill St
Green Lake, WI 54941
$15 Adults, $10 Students
Thrasher Opera House

Performances at 3PM and 7PM (Doors open 45 minutes prior to show).

Missoula Children’s Theatre presents GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, an original adaptation of the classic children’s story. With his spaceship wrecked and his trusty computer on the fritz, brave explorer Gulliver finds himself lost in space. While transporting from world to world, Gulliver discovers fighting aliens, foolish Yahoos, robots and more – all who need just as much help from Gulliver as Gulliver needs from them!   

Some of the colorful characters include Gulliver, his trusty computer JCN (Jason), the Giant King, Queen and Princess of Brobdingnag (brab-ding-nag), the Giant Wasp, the Maniacal Scientist of Lapunta (la-poon-ta) and the Robots of Lapunta. Joining them will be The Houyhnhnm (who-in-um) Horses, the Yahoos, the Aliens of Liiliput, and the Aliens of Blefuscu (blue-foo-skoo). 

Thank you to our sponsors! Sponsored by 
Lucille M. Grams Fund within the Green Lake County/Ripon Community Foundation, the Oberreich Foundation, Horicon Bank and the Green Lake Rotary Club