Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson

Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson

February 17, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
Thrasher Opera House
506 Mill St
Green Lake, WI 54941
Thrasher Opera House

Doors and bar open 6:45 PM. Concert begins 7:30 PM. Tickets $22. Come check out this intimate, 200 seat, historic venue in Green Lake, WI. Perfect setting for a Valentines weekend date!

Porter Nickerson are a duo that embody the best of what live music has to offer: heart, grit, and the kind of raw musicianship that transforms listeners into long-time fans. Willy Porter’s searing finger-picking guitar style deftly blends with Carmen Nickerson’s lush vocals to create an unforgettable sound that resonates long after the last chord fades.

Porter and Nickerson borrow from their strong stage chemistry to render the same kind of musical conversation that unfolds in performance within a studio setting. The result are tunes like the aching “If You Stay,” which travels the arc of a relationship born, lost, and tentatively rediscovered and “Earthquake,” a rockin’, playful plea for release from the exquisite tension of romance perched on the edge of becoming something else. This dialogic style broadens to consider the connections and values forged in the communities we call home (“Living Proof”) and in the responsibility we have to the planet that gives itself to house us (“Plant A Garden”). Their newest album, Bonfire to Ash, compiles candid snapshots of the human journey, exposing ideas such as hope, regret, love, loss, and connection that remain immutable against time, history, or place.

Listen: http://willyporter.com/videos/