Hiking – by Thomas Eddy, Adjunct Biology Professor, Botanist, and Author who advocates for Wisconsin natural areas

Walk. Saunter. Stroll. Ramble. Wander. Mosey. Amble. Meander. Hike. Visitors can do all these and more while enjoying the picturesque trails and boardwalks established in and around the Green Lake area. Many of my favorite area trails are compiled in a recent publication by the Green Lake Conservancy Land Trust entitled Hiking Trails of the Green Lake Conservancy Lands (2014). The paperback is available through the Green Lake Chamber of Commerce and Town Square. Among popular conservancy trails are those found at Sunnyside Conservancy, Assembly Creek and Springs (Hammer’s Trail), Winnebago Trail Conservancy and Norwegian Bay Wetlands, where a spacious boardwalk winds through the wetlands to the west shore of Green Lake. Other hiking opportunities for visitors and residents alike are found between Green Lake and Princetonoff Swamp Road on the Izaak Walton League’s Snake Creek Wetlands Trail, complete with a small overlook platform. Immediately north of Green Lake off State Highway 49 is Zobel Park, a county park that sports a disc golf course along with mowed trails that meander through oak openings and woodlands. And finally, east of Green Lake, Ripon College’s Ceresco Prairie Conservancy offers groomedtrails with varied terrain and ties in with South Woods, a rich mesic maple-basswood forest. There aremore to choose from, but it’s time to mosey.