Ice Skating at Deacon Mills Park or “It’s A Wonderful Ice” by the Green Lake Renewal Project

Over the course of the winter, parts of the lake can accumulate as many as 36 inches of ice. The most convenient way to enjoy it is on the ice rink in Deacon Mills Park. Created a few years ago by the Downtown Green Lake Renewal Project, the rink offers two acres of perfect gliding surface. A warming hut keeps plenty of skates on hand for those who don’t already havea pair. If you’re thinking that skating isn’t your thing, I encourage you to try it out nevertheless. You’ll find hockey players of all ages and abilities, retired figure skaters practicing their tricks, parents and children both trying to find their balance and spectators enjoying hot chocolate and watching the show. You’ll bump into old friends and make new ones. You’ll get a chance to clear your thoughts and feel the serenity of winter in Green Lake. On the rink, the stresses of life disappear, even if just for a while. So come try it out! I hope to see you there.