Katherine Vergos, the Green Lake Area Young Professionals, and Community

Last night, I was so lucky to be able to attend a Green Lake Area Young Professionals Event at the new Ripon Medical Center.  At the event “young at heart” professionals had the opportunity to network, eat some delicious food, and hear a speech from RMC’s Chief Operating Office Katherine Vergos. Ms. Vergos shared her very thoughtful insight about what it means to be young, hardworking, busy and entering the professional world.

She began her professional career working in the Navy as both a naval officer and registered nurse in Bethesda, Maryland.  At the young of age of 21, she was given a leadership role where she was responsible for guiding 50 employees.  Since her time in the service, she has not slowed down one bit!  In 36 months alone, she facilitated the renovation of Ripon Medical Center, implemented a new electronic records system, and completed the affiliation with Agnesian Healthcare.

What makes the Green Lake Area Young Professionals so special is that all of these folks are working to develop and create fulfilling careers in the Green Lake Area.  It’s so incredible to see that not only is it possible, but that there are other young people like myself who see themselves becoming rooted in this community.  Personally, this place is my home and I cannot begin to explain how much value this place brings to my life.  There’s something magical in the water of the lake, and the soil in the ground – that makes this place where I want to live.

In addition to telling her story, Katherine Vergos spoke to us about what it means to be involved in a community.  She spoke candidly about what she loves about this area and how she finds it beneficial for her own fulfillment as well as career development, to have a presence in the community where she works.  I am lucky to be able to being doing both – I work for an organization that works to make my community better, learning how to do what I’m passionate about all while remaining involved in what happens around me.  I often wonder, how could I be so lucky?

Green Lake is a great place to be for all people – no matter if you’re a resident, visitor, or just a hardworking young person like myself.  It’s so awesome that the young folks here have a chance to meet and learn from one another and I truly look forward to more events from the Green Lake Area Young Professionals!

To learn more about the Green Lake Area Young Professionals, their mission and future events, visit www.glayp.org.

Roberta Martin is the Administrative Assistant for the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.  Additionally, she is a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Pastoral Studies working on a Master’s in Community Development and Social Justice.  She has been a resident of the area since 2008, and when she’s not working or doing homework – she loves playing ukulele, hanging out with her friends and teaching herself to cook new recipes!