Sail Away By Gretchen Z. Feeney

When I think of summer in Green Lake, I think sailing. For many, summer is a time to get away, but I like nothing better than to spend my summer here in Green Lake and on the water. For generations, sailing on Green Lake has been a family favorite. Whether for relaxation or for competition, sailing has brought me closer to my family, my community and the lake that is my home. I am passionate about the two local organizations that make sailing so accessible to everyone: The Green Lake Yacht Club (GLYC) and the Green Lake Sailing School. The GLYC is probably the world’s most affordable yacht club, and offers a chance for me to get together with new and old friends both on andoff the water. I take advantage of racing opportunities on many weeknights in my Laser and on Sundays in my Snipe. On Wednesdays, I sail with our women’s group, just as my grandmother and mother did years ago. The only thing better than the sailing is the gathering and general nonsense that follows. Getting kids involved in sailing is another of my passions. Nothing beats watching kids learning to sail Saturday mornings at Sunset Park. My Family Membership at the Green Lake Sailing School, where I was once an instructor, offers me unlimited access so my kids and I can sail and meet the countless folks,natives and visitors, who enjoy the flexible lessons. If you need to find me, I’m probably afloat watching the pelicans circle, working on a boat or enlisting more kids to sail with me. No matter what, I would love for you to discover the pleasure of sailing and the beauty of Green Lake.

Gretchen Feeney is treasurer of the Green Lake Yacht Club.