Membership Benefits & Info

Membership Information

Retail, Restaurant and Professional Businesses

Employees and Licensed Associates – The number of employees includes owners/proprietors plus the maximum number of full-time equivalent employees over the course of a 12-month period.

  • A Full-Time employee is considered as 36 hours or more per week
  • Employee = Based on the number of full-time equivalent employees.

  • 1-8 Employees $240
  • 9-22 Employees $360
  • 23-50 Employees $470
  • 51-75 Employees $600
  • 76+ Employees $725

Hotels, Motels, B&B, Cabins, Cottages – Accommodations

  • 1-3 Bedrooms $215
  • 4-8 Bedrooms $325
  • 9-15 Bedrooms $450
  • 16-22 Bedrooms $580
  • 23-33 Bedrooms $715
  • 34-50 Bedrooms $870
  • 51-75 Bedrooms $1,150
  • 76+ Bedrooms $1,200

  • 23-33 Bedrooms $651.00
  • 34-50 Bedrooms $791.00
  • 51-75 Bedrooms $1043.00
  • 76+ Bedrooms $1062.00

An additional fee of $20.00 per bedroom is required for accommodations located outside the city of Green Lake and the Township of Brooklyn. This is in lieu of the Room Tax that is collected in the city and the town. These fees will be used strictly for marketing and promotion.

Campgrounds – Campsites

  • $4.00 per campsite
  • 120 site maximum
  • An additional $0.50 per site, if located outside the City of Green Lake or the Township of Brooklyn

Additional Listing

ADDITIONAL BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP: Dues are 50% off the second business.

This membership is available if the additional business is located in or related to the primary business and must be owned and operated by the same entity. The business that employs the most will pay at the higher rate based on the number of employees and half off (50%) for each additional business that they are directly related to.

Associate Membership

Associate membership shows support of the organization and is available only to non-profit groups, clubs and/or organizations. Associate members receive the chamber mailings and may participate in Chamber activities, but cannot cast votes.  To be an associate member, dues total $125.

 Supporting Membership

Supporting members are private individuals which are not promoting a business venture. Supporting members receive the Chamber mailings and may participate in Chamber activities, but cannot cast votes.  To be a supporting member, dues total $100.

Payment Terms

  • Annual Membership is September 1 through August 31
  • Installment payments are welcome, however, dues must be paid in full within 90 days of sign-up or members will be removed from the Chamber
  • Full payment must be received before Visitor Guide publication to include your business listing
  • Dues will be pro-rated upon renewal of a second year’s membership

Membership Benefits

For less than a week’s worth of newspaper advertising, you can become a part of an institution for 12 full months!  The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is a team of businesses and residents that are committed to growing the community as a whole.  The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce stands out as our area’s premier business-enabling advocacy group.  Through our meetings, events, and other activities, we provide you with extraordinary opportunities to grow and gain new insights.  We want your business to be a part of our growth!

As a chamber member, you can the immediate chance to post your own business information on our website, as well as in the most trusted source for local information, the official Green Lake Destination Guide. The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee executes a marketing plan valued at $70,000+ for this year, which targets a wide variety of avenues to promote the Green Lake Area as a premier destination. 

The Chamber hosts five major community events that attract thousands of people to spend money in our area.  We’ve also created monthly email advertising campaigns that reach 7400+ email inboxes on behalf of our members!

Outlined below are additional benefits to your membership.  The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce focuses on supporting Green Lake’s economic growth by promoting our area and organizing events that highlight Green Lake’s treasures.


CREDIBILITY – Demonstrate your commitment to the Green Lake area community and increase your business’ positive image as membership with your local Chamber directly infers that your business is credible. 

Business Listing

BUSINESS LISTING – By joining the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, you are entitled to post your business information on our website and in our yearly Destination Guide, which has a distribution of 20,000 printed copies and a digital copy available online with over 12,000 impressions. 

Referrals and Literature Distribution

PROMOTION + REFERRALS – Over 13,000 people interact with the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce yearly, and by choosing to be a member we can refer these people to your business. Each member is entitled to have their promotional literature in our office to be distributed to visitors upon request. Additionally, you will have the chance to promote your business events and services via our website, visitor’s newsletter, or via our social media accounts. By choosing to be a member, your business has the chance to be referred to these visitors. Additionally, chamber members often choose to recommend other chamber members.

Community Involvement and Networking

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND NETWORKING – The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community by offering you the opportunity to connect with other local professionals whether it is showcasing your business by hosting or serving on any of our committees.

Marketing Campaigns

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS – the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing Committee researches a wide variety of digital + printed publications and radio stations to promote the Green Lake Area as a premier destination using seasonal campaigns.

Educational Seminars and Professional Development

EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce values our small business sector and may offer workshops and seminars on relevant topics that are vital to your business’ success.

Special Events

SPECIAL EVENTS – The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is also host to many of our renowned events that enrich the quality of life for area residents but also draw visitors from throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond. Some of our more well-known events include Concerts in the Park, July 4th Celebration, Green Lake 100 Bike Ride, Harvest Fest, Keep the Cheer Here, and WinterFest.