Fishing in Green Lake, WI

Big Green Lake is a known haven for high-quality year-round fishing. Our beautiful lake—cool, clear and deep—is home to an outstanding diversity of species, and with a little patience everyone from a seasoned pro to a complete beginner stands a good chance of reeling in a prize.

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As Former Head of State Fisheries, Lee Kernen, said,

“There simply are no other bodies of water in Wisconsin like Big Green.
Even its origin is different than most lakes which results in it’s 200-foot plus depth
with oxygen clear to the bottom. This means lake trout can thrive there
and yet a plethora of other cool water species can thrive in the upper reaches.
All the major species are present… smallmouth, walleye, panfish, northern pike, musky, and even channel catfish.
The huge cisco population provides a unique sport fishery unavailable in any other lake.
Big Green Lake has it all.”

Big Green produces many trophies and holds the WI state record Lake Trout and Cisco for inland waters.

It’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, whether you’re seeking peace and solitude and a chance to get away from it all or laughter and fun with a boat full of friends. So come fish Green Lake—come on rowboats or powerboats, congregate on piers or bridges—and indulge in our most time-honored tradition of all.

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